How to Find Your Life Path in Numerology

Are you wondering how anyone can find out their life path number in Numerology without having a basic reading done? You’re in luck! I will give you the basic run-down on how to analyze your birth name and birth date to reveal your personalized Life Path number. Don’t forget to read the numerology 333 article also.

Below is a table which indicates the values of the full English 26 character alphabet:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

We will use this alphabet table to determine the Numerology value of your birth name. You will count and add the value of each letter in your name, which corresponds to the chart above. You will continue to add each character until you come to the sum of a single digit. For example, if your name is Ryan you will have the following equation:
9 + 7 + 1 + 5 = 23 ;- Take 23 and break it into single digits, then add them.
R + y + a + n = 23
2 + 3 = 5

Ryan is a Numerology 5 name.
If your name is Mary:
4 + 1 + 9 + 7 = 21
2 + 1 = 3
Mary is a Numerology 3 name.

Great! Now we can move on to our birthdate, then combine the two to find our true destiny within Numerology.

Take your birthdate and add it in a similar fashion. Each number in your birthdate must be broken into single digits, added, and broken up and added until it becomes a final digit. Let’s take a look at two examples:
Ryan was born May 5, 1982:
5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 30
3 + 0 = 3
Ryan’s Birth Date is a Life Path 3 number.
Mary was born November 20, 1963:
11 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 3 = 32
3 + 2 = 5

Mary’s Birth Date is a Life Path 9 number.

Notice anything different about Mary’s birth date Numerology equation? If you guessed the 11, you’re right! For the purposes of calculating October, November, and December, we always use the full number (10, 11, 12) they are never broken into single digits.

Numerologists will often employ both Name and Birth Date Numerology numbers to give you an accurate reading of your life, fate and attributes that make up your unique personality. Everyone is pre-destined by a higher force and Numerology gives us a great opportunity to glean insight and understand where we belong.

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What is Kombucha?

According to Brew Dr Kombucha, Kombucha is an active therapeutic pick-me-up made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture. The effect can taste like something between sparkling apple cider and champagne, depending on what form of tea you apply. It’s not what you’d reckon fermented tea to taste like.

brew dr kombucha

Green tea kombucha. The origins of Kombucha have become befuddled in the mists of time. It is thought to have originated in the Far East, probably China, and has been consumed there for at least two thousand years. The first recorded use of kombucha comes from China in 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty. It was known as “The Tea of Immortality”.

It has been used in Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan for numerous centuries. It’s from Japan in 415 AD that the name kombucha is said to have come. A Korean doctor called Kombu or Kambu treated the Emperor Inyko with the tea and it took his name, “Kombu” and “cha” meaning tea. Russia has a farseeing tradition of using a therapeutic beverage called “Tea Kvass” made from a “Japanese Mushroom”.

From Russia it dispersed to Prussia, Poland, Germany and Denmark but it seems to have died out during World War Two. After the war Dr Rudolph Skelnar created renewed interest in kombucha in Germany when he used it in his practice to handle cancer patients, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Kombucha Culture
The Kombucha culture resembles a white rubbery pancake. It’s often called a ‘scoby’ which stands for ‘ symbiotic culture of bacteria and culture is placed in sweetened black or green tea and turns a bowl full of sweet tea into a bowl full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and health-giving organic acids.

Three cultures or scobys
As the Kombucha culture digests the sugar it produces a array of organic acids like glucuronic acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, malic acid and usnic acid; vitamins, particularly B vitamins and vitamin C; as well as amino acids, enzymes. Let’s not forget all the benefits of the probiotic microorganisms themselves. The Kombucha culture is a powerful biochemical tool in your house!

You might question if fermenting tea with yeasts would produce an alcoholic beverage. Well it’s a wonderful query! The yeasts do produce alcohol however the bacteria in the culture turn the alcohol to organic acids. only minute quantities of alcohol, more often than not 1% by volume remains in the kombucha brew.

With every brew you create the kombucha creates a new layer or scoby on the surface of the liquid. These canful be remaining to thicken the scoby or can be divided, giving you extra cultures that you may keep in some sweet tea in the fridge in case anything may pass to your active culture. Or you may want to pass on spare Kombucha cultures to other people or use a new scoby to start another pot of kombucha.

Kombucha and Health

Many wellness speculations are created for kombucha but there is a lesser amount of inquiry on the benefits of kombucha than there is on fermented milk products. It has unquestionably been conveyed to have like antibiotic, antiviral and anti fungal properties in lab tests. In rats it’s been displayed to protect against stress and improve liver function. There is a ton of existential evidence from people who have been taking kombucha over various years. various of the benefits reported encompass increases in energy levels, metabolic disorders, allergies, cancer, digestive problems, candidiasis, hypertension, HIV, chronic fatigue and arthritis. It ‘s also used externally for skin problems and as a hair wash among other things.

The Organic Acids Glucuronic acid
The body’s most significant detoxifier. If toxins go into your liver, the acid will bind to the toxins and help flush them out through the kidneys. Once bound by glucuronic acid toxins cannot elude. A product of the oxidation procedure of glucose, glucuronic acid is one of the more substantial constituents of Kombucha. As a detoxifying agent it’s one of the few agents that can cope with pollution from the products of the petroleum industry, including all the plastics, herbicides, pesticides and resins. It captures the phenols in your liver and they are then destroyed with ease in the kidneys Kombucha can be enormously useful for allergy patients. different by-product of glucuronic acid are the glucosamines, the structures connected with cartilage, collagen and the liquids which lubricate the joints. This is what makes the Kombucha so powerful against arthritis.

Lactic Acid
crucial for the digestive system. Assist blood circulation, helps prevent bowel decay and constipation. Aids in balancing acids and alkaline in the body and believed to help in the prevention of cancer by helping to regulate blood pH levels. Acetic Acid

A powerful preservative and it stops harmful bacteria.
Usnic Acid A natural antibiotic that can be effective against many viruses.
Oxalic Acid
An effective preservative and helps the intercellular production of energy.
Malic acid
Detoxifies the liver. Gluconic Acid
It is created by the bacteria and will break down to caprylic acid. It is beneficial to patients of candidiasis and other yeast infectionary issues such as thrush.

Butyric acid
This is created from the yeast and helps to protect human cullular membranes. Combine this with Gluconic acid and it strengthens the walls of the gut to combal yeast infections like candida.

Types of Tea for Kombucha
Fresh tea leaves Kombucha requires tea for its fermentation (Camellia Sinensis). That’s real tea not herbal tea. It can be also be sensitive to strong aromatic oils. Earl Grey teas contain Bergamot oil and this can actually destroy the culture. There are several different kinds of tea that give different results from lighter tastes to stronger more cider like tastes.

Black Tea
Black tea is made from leaves that have been fully fermented. The leaves wilt on their own after being left out in the sun. Then the leaves are fired and creap a deep, rich flavor and a dark red colored brew.

Oolong Tea
The Oolong brew is a in-between combiniation of green and black tea. After you pick the leaf, it is lightly rolled and allowed to partially ferment until you nptice the edges to start turning brown. Oolong combines the taste and colour of black and green tea.

Green Tea
Green tea whithers then gets steamed or heated in order to prevent oxidation. It is then rolled and dried up. Green tea is known for it’s delicate taste and obvious green color. The Japanese tea Sencha brews an peculiarly fine kombucha.

White Tea
White Tea is the rarest and most frail of tea. pulled forty-eight hours or less between the time the first buds become fully ripe and the time they open. White tea is not like the back and green brew. It isn’t steamed or rolled. Instea it is air-dried out in the sun. This preserves it antioxidant properties. White tea has about 3 times as many antioxidant polyphenols as green. White tea represents the least processed form of tea.

How to Use a Malaysia Trusted Online Casino Free Spins Bonus

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A free spins bonus is a special casino offer on slot machines to get acquainted with the corresponding slot machine and casino. Usually you can only play specially selected new slots games. The offer differs a bit depending on the casino, but the principle is always the same; play for free, and the winnings are then converted into a bonus, which has to be unlocked through a wager; the number of times you will have to play with the money you have won, before you can withdraw the funds. Such a wager is usually between 20x and 30x. If you continue playing with your winnings you can keep the money you have won, including the profits that you make along the way. When you use a no-deposit bonus, the wager will normally be slightly higher than the usual 20-30x. After you have finished clearing the bonus, most casino’s also offer you another bonus on your first deposit, so you will get even more money to play with.

Another possibility to play for free in an online casino is the free play bonus. With this offer you get a set amount of time to play in the online casino for free. After this time has ended, you are allowed to keep your winnings. Mostly these winnings have a maximum of $100 or $200. The amount you have won is then converted into a bonus that has to be wagered, the same as mentioned above.

If you do not want to play for money at all, you do not have to of course. Many slot machines also have a play option where you can just play for fun. You can play without making an account, or downloading anything. For example you can play amazing Netent and Microgaming video slot machines without a time limit, and without risking your money. A great way to get some distraction from your busy work or study.

Please be aware gambling can be lots of fun, but also can be addictive. Be sure to only play for your own entertainment and with money you do not need for other purposes. A good tip I can give you is to set a limit for yourself to play with. This can be a time limit, or a certain amount you have won or lost. And remember; while playing, do not change your limits anymore!

Sailing Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands are located in the state of Queensland, Australia. They are an extremely popular holiday destination for both Australians and international visitors, and it’s not hard to see why: stunning soft sandy beaches, clear blue water, amazing views and a great range of accommodation for all budgets.

As the Whitsundays are made up of more than 70 individual islands, it can be difficult deciding which to visit. Here we take a look at some of the most popular options.

Sailing Whitsunday Island
Home to the incredible Whitehaven Beach, which is considered by many to be one of the best beaches in the world. With six kilometres of soft, white silica sand that have to be seen to be believed, Whitehaven Beach is popular as a location for many couple’s wedding ceremonies.

Hamilton Island
Although Hamilton Island is the most developed of the Whitsunday Islands it remains an incredibly beautiful place to visit with an excellent choice of accommodation, plenty of places to explore and lots of activities to enjoy. It is easily reached by ferry from the mainland, and also has it’s own airport.

Hayman Island
Another idyllic slice of paradise, Hayman Island really has it all. Well, all except low budget accommodation: the only resort is the luxurious award-winning Hayman, one of the world’s most prestigious resorts and not for anyone on a budget.

Airlie Beach
Although Airlie Beach is on the mainland, it provides a great base for exploring the Whitsundays and also has a reputation for it’s lively nightlife. Many choose to stay in Airlie Beach as much cheaper accommodation can be found here than on the island’s resorts, and there are plenty of options for exploring the Whitsunday Islands by ferry and boat tour.

Transportation Risk Management Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation risk management is a subset of supply chain administration that is dedicated to overseeing shipping operations for companies that ship and receive goods. A transportation management system is responsible for finding routing solutions for inbound and outbound shipments. How the system operates depends on the logistics resource that is used to facilitate it.

Most companies use one of the following resources to facilitate shipping administration:
In-house logistics department

Transportation management software

A Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider
Each option is capable of rendering the necessary resources for overseeing the shipping process, including freight audit services. However, the second resource, logistics software, offers an ideal combination of low cost and control over the shipping process. If you are considering using a logistics program to facilitate your company’s shipping operations, but you need more information about the product, the answers below will help:
Can the product be implemented on a web-based model?
The product can be implemented on a web-based model or an in-house model. Because implementing it on an in-house model requires purchasing the product and paying to install it, implementing it on a web-based model is the most cost effective choice.

Can the product meet the needs of a unique shipping process?
The product is tailored to meet the needs of the customer’s shipping process. This means that the system for one company may not have the same options as the system for another company. For example, one company may need freight audit services, while another company may not.
What functions does the product facilitate?

Transportation management software can be programmed to facilitate any function associated with shipping management, including planning and decision making functions, transportation execution functions, transport follow-up functions, and measurement functions.

Does the product help reduce shipping cost?
According to research, the product can reduce shipping cost by roughly ten percent after the first year, and continuing to use the product will generate increased savings. The product also reduces the overall cost of shipping by offering a logistics solution that costs less than 3PL or an in house logistics department.

How does the product compare to 3PL?
It is superior to 3PL in at least three ways:
The shipper has control over the shipping process

It costs less to use than 3PL

The shipper has a wider range of carrier options
3PL is the traditional alternative to operating an internal logistics department, but logistics software allows companies to become their own logistics providers without the cost of operating a conventional logistics department.

Logistics software is an excellent solution for shippers that need to save money on shipping operations. Shipping management can also be performed by an in-house logistics department, or by a 3PL provider, but neither option is as affordable as logistics software, and using a 3PL provider makes many shippers feel as if they do not control the shipping process. To learn more about using transportation management software for freight audit services and other logistical needs, contact a provider of web-based logistics solutions today.

How to Buy Shares Using The Best Demat Account In India

ICICI is the company which belongs to ICICI Bank. This company is one of the leading brokerage houses in India. This company was one of the companies that introduced the concept of Online Share Trading in India.
ICICI direct offers 3 in 1 account for online stock trading. This is one of the popular product for share trading in India. In this account, the online share trading account, demat account and the bank account are linked together so that it is very easy for the user to buy and sell shares online using the account. Here are some steps that would help you to buy shares using ICICI demat account.


Open a share trading account. Enter your username and password and you can start accessing the account.

If you want to buy shares, then first click “Modify Allocation”. Then you should allocate funds that are required for buying shares from your bank account to your trading account.

Then you have to go to the trading page and check the share code for the stock which you are planning to buy.

Once you have found the code, then check the price of the particular stock at that time.

If you are ready to buy the stock at the particular price, then you can buy the stocks.

If you want to sell a particular stock, then you should do the same and then sell the stocks.

Next Step – Start to Buy and Sell Shares online:

Once you open a trading account you can start buying shares. The detailed information is available in the leading websites.

Source – 9 Best Demat Account in India

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Traditional marketing methods, such as direct mailers, cold-calling, yellow page ads, and bill boards are seeing a slow-down in there effectiveness to bring in new business. Savvy social customers are now more likely to turn to social media sites, blogs, and the search engines to find the latest products and services at the most competitive rates. SEO packages can benefit a business by making certain your presence is highly visible no matter where the customer might look online.